Anna Maria Zapata

Medical Billing and Coding Instructor-Lamson Institute

Ms. Zapata has been instructing Medical students at various institutions for the last 16 years. Prior to that, she worked at the Diagnostic Clinic of San Antonio for more than 10 years as a medical assistant and Insurance Specialist. She filed insurance claims for 5 physicina and Internal Medicine, General Surgery and Gastroenterology. She has experience taking vital signs, performing EKG’s and Glucometer checks as well as processing prescriptions, referrals and scheduling. She is also well versed in completing charge tickets, checking diagnosis codes and communicating with insurance companies. She handled many of the administrative duties of a General Surgeon including processing insurance claims, scheduling surgery, bookkeeping, and handling managed care. She has been a medical professional for over 30 years and knows what students need to be successful in their new careers!