Becoming A Rockstar Medical Coder

Becoming an allied health professional doesn’t end with your certification exams. According to many sources, it is in fact just the beginning of a purposeful career journey of continuous learning, growth, and professional and personal development. And the journey to become a medical coder is no different.

Through Lamson’s Medical Biller/Coder/Office Specialist Program, you will be prepared to take the Certified Professional Coder-A Exam by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). AAPC is the largest training and credentialing entity in the world in the healthcare industry. And this week, we have found the perfect infographic to show you just how to rock that journey:

5 Traits of a Rockstar Medical Coder

Published by AAPC, this infographic identifies the following traits to becoming a rockstar medical coder:


A rockstar medical coder needs to remain up to date on new and improved systems and procedures. These include new codes, health insurance guidelines and changes in healthcare law. Ways to do this include participating in webinars, conferences and seminars.


Knowing how to traverse payer websites and private payer information is a key trait to being a rockstar coder. Right code selections require in depth knowledge of where to find them and how to apply them, therefore requiring rockstar coders to be quite analytical.

Critical Thinkers

If you want a career in which you can help to problem solve, then becoming a medical coder could be right for you. A rockstar coder reviews many documents and determines what and how information is to be coded. The medical codes selected will translate to the services and protocols used to address a patient’s needs, and therefore, must be done correctly. Yet, a rockstar medical coder also understands that there may not always be one correct answer, and so they will have to problem solve to find the right solution.

Detail Oriented

Precision is also required in medical coding. Therefore, paying close attention to detail is a key trait of a rockstar coder. Errors happen when these details are not picked up.


There are many documents that a medical coder must go through, including physician documents and coding information. Therefore, a rockstar medical coder must be organized, have manageable structures in place, and have the resources necessary to analyze, research and code with limited distraction.

Rockstar medical coders are revered in the field of medicine. At Lamson in San Antonio, Texas, we understand the demand of well-prepared medical coders, and take your training seriously.
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