Would I Enjoy A Career As An Optical Assistant?

In May we posted a blog article to help people determine if a career as an electrician would be a good fit for them. We got a lot of positive feedback from our readers so we figured we would tackle the same question for a different program. This week we want to help you answer the question: “Would I enjoy a career as an optical assistant?”

Keep reading to find out if a career as an optical assistant might be a good fit for you!


Do you have a keen eye for style?Eye for style

Who would have thought that a career in the medical field could have anything to do with style? Well, a career as an optical assistant offers just that! Part of the job of an optical assistant is helping customers find a pair of glasses that fits their face shape and their personal style. So if you like keeping up with the latest fashion trends and helping people find a look that works for them, a career as an optical assistant could be a great fit for you!




Are you a people person?People person

An optical assistant is usually the first person a patient meets upon entering an optometry clinic. They greet patients when they come in, listen to their needs, and initiate the process of meeting those needs. All of this one-on-one interaction takes place before the optometrist begins to fulfill those needs. So if you are a people-person and think you might enjoy playing a central role working with both patients and optometrist, then becoming an optical assistant could be your calling!


Clean, clinical environmentDo you want to work in the medical field without having to deal with blood?

Let’s face it, dealing with blood is NOT for everyone. But the reality is many jobs in the medical field entail dealing with blood in one way or another. But there is at least one career in the medical field where dealing with blood is NOT part of the job description: optical assistant! So if you want to enjoy the benefits of working in healthcare without encountering blood on a daily basis, consider becoming an optical assistant!



If you said, “Yes,” to the questions above, then a career as an optical assistant could be right for you.
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