Eye Exam 101: Visiting The Optometrist

 What To Expect During An Eye Exam

When you go in for an eye exam, optometrists will implement a number of different tests to examine the health of your eyes. The procedures used can range from simply reading different sized letters on a chart, to having your eyes examined through a high powered lens that allows the optometrist to see the small structures inside of your eyes. Exam times can range from 30 minutes to over an hour depending on the number of tests that are run and the complexity of the tests. On average, people get their eyes checked at least twice a year which creates a huge amount of opportunity in the field of optometric assisting. As an optometric assistant, you can find yourself performing duties that will help fully evaluate a patient’s vision and the health of their eyes. Lamson Institute’s Optical/Optometric Assistant program will provide students with the knowledge and skills to make a seamless transition as they jump straight into the workforce upon graduation.

As stated earlier, there are a wide range of exams that can be performed during a visit to the optometrist. Here is some common vision and eye tests that you can expect to take part in during your next eye exam. Exams usually begin with a vision acuity test. This measures the sharpness of your vision and is most known by the lines of capital letters on a poster that you are asked to read, covering one eye at a time. A quick color blindness test is then administered to evaluate your color vision as well as alert the optometrist of any signs that can affect your color vision in the future. One of the most common tests performed during an eye exam is the cover test. This is where the optometrist has you focus on a single point in the room and alternate covering each eye. He is looking at how your eye reacts to focusing on a target for any indication of any strain on your eyes that can cause problems. A retinoscopy is another common test and it involves the optometrist shining a light into your eye while the room is dimmed and you stare at a point on a wall. He then will flip lenses in front of your eyes which will help him begin to decide whether or not a prescription is needed and how strong it should be.

These are just some of the common examinations that can be performed during a visit. The Optical/Optometrist Assistant program at Lamson can help provide students in the San Antonio area with all of the resources they need to follow a career in the optometry field. Call or click for more information on how to apply to the program today!

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