How To Overcome Test Anxiety

Tackling Test Anxiety Issues

Test anxiety creates added stress for students who already expended a lot of mental energy to prepare for the exam itself. It has become increasingly more common in today’s classrooms with students sharing the same symptoms. There are many causes of test anxiety that range from physical, mental, and behavioral factors that keep students from performing their best on exams. The educational professionals at Lamson Institute, of the San Antonio area, strive to give its student the best possible chance at succeeding in the classroom so they can reach and excel in their career goals. From in-depth hands on training in a variety of fields to student success tips, Lamson offers students in the San Antonio and surrounding regions the resources they need to make the transition from student to integral part of a company as seamless as possible.

Let’s take a look at some common causes of test anxiety so it is easier to identify and allow students to consciously take the necessary steps to reduce it:

  • Lack of Preparation- Students who procrastinate, have poor study habits, or have trouble organizing the information from the text, notes, and homework are more likely to feel the effects of anxiety during a test. A way to combat this is to find study habits that work best for you and organize your time so you can go confidently into a test.
  • Fear of Failure- While the pressure to perform can act as a motivator; it can also be the devastating downfall to students who tie the outcome of exams to their self-worth or the consequences of failure. Being well prepared for the test can help resolve this issue as well. Also, a disassociating a grade with your personal worth is a good practice to work on.
  • Poor Test History- Dwelling on past test performances or bad experiences with past exams can intensify the symptoms of anxiety. Coming in with a positive mindset, one that is confident in the material with no fear of failing again is the best way to try and combat this cause.

If you start to feel the symptoms of test anxiety coming on such as sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, the feelings of fear, anger, or doubt, and indecisive thoughts, try a deep breathing method right then and there to help calm you down so you can focus more clearly. Sit straight up, slowly inhale through your nose focusing on the air coming into your lungs from the bottom up, hold your breath for a few seconds, exhale through your mouth slowly, and repeat a few times if needed.

Lamson wants nothing more but to create a comfortable environment that student can succeed in their education. For more information on the many programs offered, don’t hesitate to call or click today to see how Lamson can get you started down a path to a rewarding career!

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