Is Electrician School in Your Future?

Why You Should Attend Electrician School

Who can apply to become an electrician? Anyone over the age of 18 who has their high school diploma or GED is permitted to apply for an electrical apprenticeship under a qualified master electrician. An electrical apprenticeship is the first step towards becoming a fully qualified electrician. The state of Texas awards apprentice licenses to eligible participants who then must work 4 to 5 years and prove a minimum of 4,000 hours of supervised practice to advance to the next license. To become a journeyman or master electrician, an apprentice must prove their hours worked as well as pass difficult and detailed qualifying exams. So if you can become a qualified electrician through an apprenticeship, should you attend an electrician school? Is it worth it?

The qualifying exams for an electrician are notoriously complex! We at Lamson Institute took a look at the Texas Electrician Exam Statistics from 2013-­2015. In 2013, 22% of those who took the test passed. In 2014, that number dropped to 21%. In 2015, it was 41%. The statistics are compelling: fewer than 1⁄2 of everyone who took the Texas Electrician Exam passed! So, we ask again: electrician school​, is it worth it?

Becoming a licensed electrician is an arduous and rewarding journey. Years of apprenticeship mean a long wait before the full benefit of being an electrician can be realized. This timely process discourages apprentices from attending an electrician program or school​, despite the incredibly low number of people who pass their licensure exams!

We at Lamson Institute in San Antonio, Texas realize continual exam failure is not an option! Lamson Institute students can complete their work apprenticeships while studying! We offer flexible programs so that no one has to choose between work or school. The Electrician Technician Program at Lamson can be completed in under 9 months! Contractor by day, student by night! Get the hands­on skills you need on the job­site and master the theory in the classroom! By combining an apprenticeship with a great education, becoming an electrician has never been more guaranteed.

So finally, electrician school​­ is it worth it? Well, if passing your exams is a priority then we say Yes! We’ve shared the test results published by the State and we’re confident that Lamson Institute students are part of the passing minority! Don’t be shocked when it comes test time, so call or click today to get started!!

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