The Importance Of Career Planning

First Steps in Career Planning

It can be difficult to know where to start in deciding which career pathway you want to follow. Career planning is important as it can help you develop an action plan to determine your goals and gain appropriate skills and experience.

Career planning lets you make informed choices, secure a good fit between you and a chosen role, achieve your goals, enhance your employability, and develop the ability to be responsive to changing work environments and demands. This also allows you to meet employer expectations and position yourself in the jobs market; to do this you need to demonstrate motivation, relevant skills, sector and business awareness, specialist knowledge, and awareness of professional conduct. Career planning is an ongoing process to help you identify a starting point. The first step is to ask yourself important questions: what skills do you have and what evidence can you provide, and what motivates you about succeeding.

Find out what is out there and interests you then find out about it, the job roles, entry routes and requirements, available opportunity, entry level competition, promotion prospects, size and culture of specific organizations. Now having reflected on your abilities, preferences, and priorities, and researched the potential opportunities, the next step is to evaluate the information to allow you to gain an overall sense of direction. Weigh the pros and cons of the different job roles you have chosen and which would match your skills and ability. Also consider whether you can meet the basic entry requirements of the jobs, if not see about getting the additional training/experience needed to be in that career. Career planning will let you identify a positive starting point from which you can move your ideas forward. It is important that the goals you set for yourself are achievable by breaking your overall goal down into a number of specific steps and look over it to see if it’s something personally achievable.

Now all you have to do is take action, gain work experience or volunteer, work around your career preference. Lamson is dedicated to providing rewarding new careers and providing healthcare and technical training to people like you. Our institution has been assisting people just like you to begin the path to a new career since 2007. Lamson can help you, your family, and your loved ones have a better life and you can enjoy a successful career.

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