Why Become a Lab Assistant?

There are many different types of jobs in the medical field, so how does someone decide that they want to become a lab assistant? We thought this was a good question, so we asked some of our students as well as practicing professionals: why become a lab assistant? What we learned helps explain why our Lab Assistant, EKG Technician/Phlebotomist program is one of our most popular programs. And it turns out it isn’t just because it prepares students for for a career in the medical field in as little as 9 months. Keep reading to find out what we learned!


Here are the top five responses we got when we asked “Why become a lab assistant?”.

  1. I love helping people.
  2. Working in the medical field gives me the flexibility I require as a busy parent. I can work days, nights, weekends, as well as both short and long shifts that work for my family.
  3. Steady pay and benefits make doing the job I love a no brainer.
  4. Getting certified as a lab assistant, EKG tech, and phlebotomist is much faster than going to medical school, and I get to work in the medical field.
  5. I get to work with people from many different backgrounds.


Why are you considering studying to become a lab assistant, EKG technician/ phlebotomist at Lamson Institute? We would love to hear from you too! Comment below, or like us on Facebook and tell us how a career in Allied Health helps you achieve your goals and make a difference in people’s lives!

While you’re at it, meet Yashira: http://goo.gl/isnl9b Yashira is a phlebotomist at a children’s hospital who loves her job because she gets to:

  • Help children
  • Work in a challenging environment
  • Comfort patients and their families


A career in the medical field requires hard work – as many of our students can attest to –  but it’s also rewarding – as many of our graduates can also attest to! Learn more about enrolling at Lamson Institute and becoming a lab assistant, EKG/Phlebotomist by calling our admissions department or stopping by our campus in San Antonio!